About Control My Site

A Java wicket based GUI framework for creating multi-lingual Content Managed Wicket web applications. This project depends on a CMS persistent layer.

Framework highlights include:

  • Spring Configuration of Service Layer.
  • Abstract Wicket Application Classes for common functionality
  • Secure Admin Pages for Site Configuration and Repository Management
  • User administration including creating users, welcome email, password reset and configurable use of secure ssh pages for login and password
  • Ajax Form processing, including Ajax Submit Button and Ajax self-validating Input fields
  • Multi-lingual support : multi lingual text editing, including translate page (with google translate functionality)
  • Multi-lingual Search Engine Optimization : separate URL's and Page Meta information for each supported language.

Site Admin functionality includes:

  • User Admin : profile changes, password change, creating and editing existing users.
  • Site Admin : dynamic enable/disable of supported languages for site, site email, site URL.
  • Page Admin : Maintain Menu names and Page Meta information for all supported languages.
  • Site Data : View messages sent from Contact Panel, view user changes to content..
  • Content Admin : View tree structure of Content. Backup and restore of data. Delete/Copy Nodes..

List of Panels that can be used in web sites

  • One line "hover-click editable" text blocks.
  • Multiple line text areas - editable using full html online editor includes multi-lingual translate functionality.
  • Multi image albums with different configurations - fade rotate, table layout.
  • Editable Link to File - hide/show functionality, currently supports pdf and doc formats.
  • Blog Panel - multiple Blog functionality. (discontinued)
  • Email Panel - email and log messages.

Technology Stack

  • The Java Wicket framework is used to create the web application and UI.
  • Prototype, JQuery are used.
  • A Wicket integrated animation framework using Bernie's Animator javascript code.